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Delicious pastries with FISSMAN: it’s all about form.

Delicate fragrant pastries, gathering the whole family at one table, are always associated with comfort and well-being. Whether it’s a juicy biscuit, crumbly cookies or soft vanilla buns, homemade treats always go off with a bang. Fans of “conjuring” over pastry dishes know that the secret to success consists of two components: good mood and the right form. The first housewives create themselves, the second – the care of professionals.

How to choose a Bakeware

The times when the house was the only baking sheet for all dishes have sunk into the past. Today the choice is so great that an inexperienced buyer is sometimes lost. A variety of materials are used to make the molds. Moreover, among them there are those that were not originally associated with baking in the oven. But the final result directly depends on what the dishes are made of. Different baking sheets are suitable for different masterpieces. In fact, everything is simple. To choose the perfect baking dish, just know the basic nuances.

Variety of materials

Stainless steel. Steel baking sheets deservedly enjoy the respect of culinary experts. The products in them retain their natural color, taste and smell, do not burn and cook quickly even at low temperatures. Such forms are universal: they are suitable for baking meat, as well as for pies. At the same time, they wash well and do not lose their appearance over time. The main thing is high-quality steel and sound seams. Such as the pan FISSMAN. Carbon steel. Despite the unusual name, this material is easy to recognize. Outwardly, it resembles the usual cast iron, but carbon steel has a significantly lower weight. Such dishes are quite whimsical to care: they can not be scratched and washed with too aggressive means. Warm water, a soft sponge and a quality gel are the best care for carbon steel molds. Subject to careful handling, such baking sheets will last for many years. Ceramics. Material discovered many centuries ago does not lose its relevance today. The main advantage of ceramics is the ability to evenly distribute heat. Another plus is aesthetics. Ceramic forms look so noble that it is quite appropriate to serve ready-made dishes in them. The disadvantages include a decent weight and the possibility of chips due to sloppiness. It is important to keep in mind that ceramics cannot tolerate temperature differences: you need to put the mold in a cold or slightly warm oven. Glass. Baking trays made of heat-resistant glass are similar in their characteristics to ceramics. If temperature differences are avoided and the form is handled carefully, it will serve faithfully. Glass does not contain impurities, preserves the taste and smell of products and is easy to clean. It makes it possible to observe the cooking process practically from the inside and not be afraid of burning. Silicone. Lightweight, practical, modern material, which is becoming more and more popular every year. Silicone forms are universal: meat, fish and sweet dishes turn out to be equally tasty in them. They do not require additional lubrication, while the food in them does not burn. Silicone is appropriate both in the oven and in the microwave. He is not afraid of temperature changes, does not burn his fingers and is easily washed. Today, manufacturers produce not only classic silicone baking dishes, but also curly and portioned. Special attention should be paid to the silicone baking mat. It bakes pizza, cakes, eclairs and all kinds of pies.

Cake pans: the best for a birthday cake

For those who love to bake cakes and pies, a detachable baking dish will become a real find. Its main advantage is the invariably neat appearance of the finished dish. It is enough to unfasten the lock - and the unscathed, perfectly shaped cake is almost ready. It remains only to separate the cakes and soak them with delicious homemade cream. The anxiety of some housewives that the dough will leak out is completely groundless. The carefully thought-out design and special structure of the castle ensure the complete safety of the confectionery masterpiece. FISSMAN Bakeware products: create, surprise, delight. The online dishware store FISSMAN invites you to shop for true gourmets and fans of homemade desserts. In the assortment of the brand there is everything for sweet experiments:
  • classic silicone baking sheets;
  • forms in the form of hearts and portioned with imitation of various figures;
  • baking mats;
  • ceramic and glass forms;
  • stainless and carbon steel cookware;
  • non-stick baking sheets;
  • baking rings;
  • single use forms;
  • measuring tanks;
  • cutters, brushes, shovels and other equipment;
  • birthday candles.
All FISSMAN products are certified: their reliability is confirmed by international certificates. At the same time, the main advantage of brand products is safety for family health. FISSMAN bakeware products are an investment for years. Delight your loved ones with incomparable desserts and pastries. Turn your own kitchen into a field of delicious experimentation. Create with pleasure: it is easy when near FISSMAN.