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Best cast iron frying pan: guide

Best cast iron frying pan: guide

How to find the best cast iron frying pan? The best choice will depend on your requirements for its use. Use this simple FISSMAN guide to buy the most suitable cast iron frying pan for cooking your favourite dishes. What purpose do you need the cast iron frying pan for? First of all, decide on the key function that you want the cast iron frying pan to perform.  Then based on that function, use our simple navigation menu to search the range of FISSMAN products. The best cast iron frying pan for making pancakes? For this use choose a round cast iron frying pan with shallow sides of 1.5 - 2 cm and a diameter of 20 - 22 cm. Pans with a larger diameter are heavier and otherwise you will feel that extra weight during use. So, choose a smaller diameter frying pan if you plan to make crepes and pancakes for the whole family in one sitting. What additional feature complements any cast iron pancake frying pan? Often frying pan handles are moulded to the body of the pan allowing the transfer of heat to them so that oven gloves or mitts become essential items of use to complete any set. The best cast iron frying pan for steaks?  What size and shape should it be? - round, square or rectangular? - best to decide based on the needs of your family. A grill pan does not need high sides, but it does need a pouring lip to drain any excess liquids. A removable or cast iron handle will also be very useful; after frying a steak over high heat, the pan can then be transferred to the oven, to cook the meat to the desired level.

 How can you complement a cast iron grill pan? Purchase the cast iron grill press which will leave sear marks on your steaks and make them look incredibly appetising. The best cast iron casserole dish? If you plan to stew meat and vegetables, then choose a cast iron frying pan or a casserole pan with a high side of 7-10 cm. That will maintain an even heat distribution inside the pan. Лучшая чугунная сковорода: навигатор How to complement a cast iron casserole dish?  Do not forget to include a suitable diameter lid in the set with the casserole dish, in order to help create that even temperature inside the pan. The best cast iron baking frying pan?  If you want to bake dishes and serve them directly in the skillet, then take a look at the portioned iron pans on a wooden stand.  How do you cook with this type of frying pan? Initially, fry the dish on the hob on a high heat and then transfer it to the oven before table serving for which it is ideal - it will be both spectacular and tasty. How to complement a cast iron baking frying pan? Both the cast iron handle and “helper handle” heat up on the hob and in the oven, so require good oven gloves. The best cast iron frying pan? If you want a versatile cast iron frying pan then focus on the diameter and on the average height of the sides.  The average diameter size is 22 - 24 cm and the side height  4 - 5 cm. A cast iron frying pan of this size will hold a sufficient amount of the dish and at the same time will not be too heavy. If you are not sure which cast iron frying pan is the best, always choose FISSMAN cookware to guarantee the best possible choice you can make.

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