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Buy Casseroles in the online store FISSMAN

FISSMAN online store offers you to buy online casseroles of good quality. We will help with the selection and take care of the delivery. Each cook, each housewife will find different models that differ in size, material of manufacture, volume, shape, functionality and wall thickness. Here are the best dishes. We guarantee high quality products, reliability and safety.

Types of material

Cast iron. Suitable for preparing thick dishes that need long stewing. The material is safe for health, so cooked food can be stored in it. Pilaf, stew and stew are juicy and aromatic. Cast iron products are not afraid of mechanical damage. It is worth buying them to make sure that they are durable. Steel. Steel is an environmentally friendly material that retains its original appearance for a long time. In such containers any dishes are prepared. The cost of a steel pan is low. Aluminum. Aluminum is good because it has high thermal conductivity and does not rust. Due to the formation of an oxide film on the walls of the dishes, the products do not come into contact with it. Dishes in such containers are prepared much faster. Ceramics. Suitable for hobs and ovens. Due to the low thermal conductivity, it cools slowly. It produces delicious cereals, stews and soups. Food does not burn. Glass and Refractory Porcelain. Differ in ecological safety. But try not to allow temperature changes. Dishes are afraid of mechanical damage. Transparent walls allow you to observe the cooking process.

Characteristics and price

How much a pan costs is influenced by many factors. These are volume, material, coating and manufacturer. When choosing a pan capacity from FISSMAN, determine the following properties: The size. In standard cases, it does not exceed 30 cm. It is measured along the outer edge; Volume. Tableware for 2-4 liters is in great demand. There is more - 5-6 liters; Depth. This property is not reflected in the cooking process. But it matters when stored in the refrigerator.

Types of Coatings

The price of the pan depends on the type of coating. Our site presents different options. Before making a choice, study the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages: Teflon. The dishes are protected from burning, but are afraid of mechanical damage, even small ones. Care must be taken; Ceramic. The main advantage is the uniform distribution of heat and strength. But due to temperature changes, small cracks form. Tip: heat gradually; Marble. Thanks to uniform heating, food is cooked quickly. The coating is resistant to mechanical damage and resists high temperatures; Enamelled. Before ordering a pan with enamel, it is worth considering that it can only be cleaned with a soft sponge. Models retain heat for a long time.

Additional functions

Professional dishes from FISSMAN are equipped with additional features. This is a displacement scale, a hole for steam and drain, a funnel for seasonings and removable handles. Think about what capacity you need. If necessary, contact us and ask managers questions of interest.

Features of use:

Induction. In order to use containers on induction cookers, pay attention to whether the material absorbs magnetic field energy. There are special adapters that will make the dishes universal. Oven. Oven utensils must be heat resistant. Short handles should not have a non-stick coating. Dishwasher. Almost all models are dishwasher safe. Want to buy professional casseroles for your kitchen? Then place your order in the FISSMAN online store!