Bamboo fibre, Kids Mug, LION 225 ml
Bamboo fibre 
Kids cup
Bamboo fibre, Kids Mug, LION 225 ml

Bamboo fibre, Kids Mug, LION 225 ml

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Size: 225ml

Material: Bamboo; By production of ware natural dyes are used.

Does not break and is therefore considered safe for children.

Why We Should Use Bamboo Fiber Products? 🌱

Mann natural plant fibre(bamboo fibre, corn starch, wheat straw, rice husk) BPA free products are the perfect Eco-friendly alternatives to plastics. 
The bamboo fibre are biodegradable, compostable, renewable and sustainable. Let’s saving the world for you and me and future generations! 🌎

100% unbleached compostable bamboo fiber with a sleek kraft design

Bamboo, with its long fibers, allows for strength and durability at a lower gram weight

Tree-free, petroleum-free derived from bamboo, a natural, sustainable and renewable resource

Eco-friendly Biodegradable alternative to petrochemical based products

Oil resistant

Can withstand hot and cold foods

All MBF products are BPI and ASTM certified