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Buy frying pans from FISSMAN

FISSMAN: a new generation of frying pans.

For many years, FISSMAN has been creating cookware that is strong, durable and safe. Each brand product meets high quality standards. Frying pans of this brand are a successful combination of first-class raw materials, ergonomic design and ease of use.
Having decided to buy a FISSMAN pan, you will get a branded item at an affordable price! In the production of these non-stick pans, only coatings with a proven track record are used.

  • ILAC (Switzerland). Non-stick coatings ILAC is an official partner of FISSMAN. Created using Swiss technology, they provide density and smoothness of application. Non-porous surface is a guarantee of long service and safety for health.
  • Greblon (Germany). Non-stick coatings made of environmentally friendly materials, characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. Often used in the manufacture of professional cookware.
  • Bioecolon. Exclusive food-grade silicone coatings. They are a patented development of FISSMAN technologists and are used only in the dishes of this brand.

The coatings of all FISSMAN products are marked “PFOA free”. Its presence indicates the safety of dishes for health and the environment.

5 reasons to buy FISSMAN pans.

You can choose for a long time among the huge assortment that the modern market of tableware offers. We know at least five arguments why you should give preference to products from FISSMAN.
  1. Innovative technologies. When creating Fissman pans, the latest scientific developments and exclusive brand patents are used. When purchasing a product from FISSMAN, you can be sure: before you are dishes that meet the highest international standards.
  2. Security. A modern pan should be not only functional, but also environmentally friendly. This is not a whim, but a matter of family health. FISSMAN developers understand how important it is for you that the food is not only tasty, but above all healthy. FISSMAN non-stick pans retain the natural taste of the products and their benefits throughout the cooking process.
  3. Comfort in operation. FISSMAN pans are lightweight and comfortable. Using them, you will forget about tacking: the handles do not slip and do not heat up. This is a dish that cooks quickly and tasty, is easy to clean and does not require much space in the kitchen.
  4. Versatility. FISSMAN pans are ideal for frying. But you can successfully use it for stewing, baking or cooking. This is an assistant who is ready to work without holidays and weekends. Having experienced such a pan once in action, you will no longer want to part with it.
  5. Modern design. You have probably heard that the right mood charges food positively. The pan from FISSMAN with all its appearance creates the best mood for cooking. Culinary experiments give you real pleasure when you use beautiful dishes.
On our website you can buy FISSMAN frying pans from a Danish manufacturer with a minimal margin due to direct wholesale deliveries. Are you looking for the perfect pan? It exists. It name is FISSMAN.