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It should come as no surprise that a bakeware set is unlike any other kitchen item. It's the backbone of all your most important recipes; nuts wouldn't be crunchy, cakes wouldn't rise, and that quiche would be flatbread if it weren't for your trusty, high-quality bakeware. When you choose to work with a manufacturer to find the right set for your home, you're opting for classic design and high performance.

FISSMAN has been known for high-quality bakeware, roasters and cake pan products. Drawing on more years of experience in the kitchen products industry, we've put together a wide and varied collection of bakeware and roasters for the serious home chef. Our selection is second to none-but it doesn't stop there. The world is changing you know, so we're making sure that we're well prepared for any untouchable experiences or recipes which may be thrown our way. That's why we're so proud of our new concept for improving heat conductivity without sacrificing safety or flimsy performance.

Highly recommended bakeware products from FISSMAN

Bake like a pro with the incredible selection of baking pans, roasters, baking mats, and baking molds at FISSMAN. It's all you need to make any recipe pop beautifully from the pan on your table. It should come as no surprise that at FISSMAN we believe in quality, durability, and long-lasting material that isn't easily bent at the seams. Our mission is to be a trusted resource for everything bakers need, much like a gathering of friends that shares recipe secrets.

We manufacture our products and use high-quality materials to create the best baking pans in a variety of designs. We are very proud to offer second to none high-quality products that don’t break your budget or disappoint you when the time comes to use them. Below is a list of superior quality bakeware that we stock that can improve your skills;

  • Rosters- These are baking dishes made up of either cast iron, steel, ceramic coating or glass braziers and are used to roast food in the oven.
  • Baking mats-These high-quality mats are made up of food-grade silicone and used above the cookie sheets when one is baking.
  • Baking molds-These containers come in different shapes, sizes, heights and depths to shape the finished product when doing baking recipes. They can also be used when making ice cream.
  • Cake pans- These are made up of enameled metal or silicone designed to be used in an oven to bake cakes.
  • Rolling pans- Just like the name, these are used to press and roll out pastry dough into desired shapeable sheets.

When you choose to work with FISSMAN to find the right baking accessories for your home, you're opting for classic design and high performance. Our high-quality bakeware utensils are fashionable and colorful enough to leave on display. They are also made of sturdy, rust-proof stainless steel or silicone which makes them long-lasting utensils that can be used in both hot & cold conditions – so they make for great baking tools you can use for years! Being made to the highest standards results in them being easy to care for and brilliant at cooking mouth-watering pastries. Choose FISSMAN and become a perfect baker!

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