Baking Mats

Silicone mats for baking and modeling are an integral part of the cooking process.

It is very convenient and easy to use baking devices that greatly simplify the process of preparing desserts. Silicone mats have a lot of advantages. They can be used both for rolling and directly for baking products. They have non-stick properties, so they do not have to be lined with parchment or greased before baking.

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Fissman as an expert in bakeware offer mats that have additional advantages: there are mats for precise rolling of dough or mastic, which will allow you to quickly and easily achieve the required size of the ideal circle without using additional measuring tools. With the help of a shaped silicone Mat for baking macaroons, you can surprise guests with original forms of desserts. You can buy Fissman silicone mats for baking and modeling in our online store. We provide a wide selection of products with markings or original embossing, which will help facilitate the process of preparing desserts and easily create amazing cookies of various shapes.