Baking Molds

Delicious pies and cakes are always superheroes of any dinner!

And it is the baking forms that help to bring our sweet ideas to life, make the cooking process technologically correct, fast, safe and enjoyable. Do you want your cupcakes to be light as air, and your cakes to be fluffy and round? Does your restaurant or bakery need high-quality equipment for baking for sale or serving to visitors?

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We offer to buy baking molds in Fissman online store in Dubai with fast delivery across UAE.

Fantasize and create your own personal masterpieces. Now you have a great opportunity to choose baking accessories: for cupcakes and bread, eggs, side dish or salad, removable and sliding, shaped and silicone, metal and aluminum. Containers of different heights, depths, and shapes – rectangular or rounded, fluted, solid, and perforated. With the help of high-quality baking sheets, you will prepare amazing pies, cakes, muffins and meringues. A set of baking molds or a round shape pan for baking in the oven will give a perfect silhouette to an exquisite cake. And special molds for ice and chocolate, which are also in our range, will allow you to create cold sweet dishes or frozen decor. Only the best quality, reasonable price, discounts and delivery to all cities of the UAE. Bake for fun, using the most health-safe baking tools. We have assembled kitchen appliances made of silicone and metal that meet high food standards. At the best price, with discounts and delivery. Become the perfect chef with Fissman!