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What is the roaster made for?

A Roaster is a baking dish in which food is roasting in the oven or in a wood-burning oven. A roaster is usually a round or rectangular pan with or without a lid, equipped with a grill at the bottom and two handles. It is used for roasting various dishes like meat and vegetables. You can bake a small meal or a whole Turkey. Roasting pans and roasters are found in cast-iron, steel, ceramic, and glass braziers. Some of them are accomplished with the metal rack for grilling meat.

Roasters Types

  • Nonstick roasting pans. A great choice for home cooking, nonstick roasting pans make it easy to cook meats, vegetables and fish. The nonstick coating also makes cleanup simple and convenient.
  • Large roasting pans with a rack. Usually called a turkey roasting pan, a large roasting pan with a rack can help elevate your meat, allowing fat to drip to the bottom of your roaster.
  • Chicken roasters. Is a necessary cooking tool for a weekend chicken, chicken roasting pans are smaller than large roasting pans and more convenient for regular use.
  • Cast iron roasters. A perfect option for any food you want to cook in the oven it is cast iron roasting pans which can easily go from stovetop to oven. Choose heavy-duty models to take care of all sorts of roasting duties in your kitchen. You can also find a wide selection of Fissman cast iron cookware like wok or cast-iron pans for all of your entrees and dishes.
Outdoor roasters and roasting pans. Good for putting food right on the grill, outdoor roasting pans are great for cooking vegetables and food that could easily slip through your grill grates.