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The quality of our life is inextricably linked with the quality of the food we eat every day. That is why it is so important to use reliable and quality cookware. With the modern and convenient FISSMAN cookware, you can create your favorite meals without leaving your home. Frying pans are the most common and important item in any kitchen. By choosing different frying pans for everyday cooking, you expand your culinary possibilities. The wide range of FISSMAN pots in various shapes and finishes will allow you to experiment and explore many delicious recipes from around the world.

Varieties of pots and pans

The variety of recipes and cooking methods requires the different types of pans and pans you can find today. The basic that must be in every kitchen is a frying pan and a saucepan. The frying pan is a flat-bottomed skillet that can be used for toasting, searing and broiling. If you frequently fry foods, we advise you to get a wok that makes it easy to toss and fry your food. If you are cooking pancakes or flavored roti at home, pancake pans is best for you. This pan has no sides, which make it easy to slide off the pancake without losing its shape. If you love meat steaks, use the grill pan with square shape and removable handle which allows you to finalize your steak in the oven without removing it from the pan. In the production of cookware, FISSMAN pays great importance to the quality of non-stick coatings of pans and pots and uses only high-quality and patented non-stick coatings types. In cooperation with leading Swiss and German manufacturers of non-stick cookware coatings, FISSMAN uses only tested and proven quality coatings. Such coatings are safe for health and help to avoid burning food sticking during its preparation.

Stewpots are most often distinguished by their shapes and sizes. Deep frying pans are more often used for cooking in broth or sauce, while pans with low sides are more convenient for making sauces.

The rounded bases of the gravy boats help to mix food more conveniently. Cast iron cookware is like heavy pans and pans that can be used in the oven, on the stove, and even over a fire. Most often, cast iron cookware includes lids, which allows it to be used for slowly stewing meat or vegetables.

A soup casserole is essential for making soups and broths. Steamers or multi-pots are handy for steaming. They contain removable perforated blocks that allow you to cook food in the main casserole while steaming other ingredients at the same time. Steel kettles allow you to boil water. They are more environmentally friendly than plastic electric kettles and usually allow you to boil more water. Coffee makers and Turkish coffee pots allow you to brew freshly ground coffee beans and get an aromatic drink with the right froth, which is so important for coffee lovers.

Materials from which FISSMAN dishes are made Regular cookware materials include high quality stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and non-stick aluminum. Stainless steel pans are more durable, shiny and easy to clean. Cast iron cookware is heavy and heats up evenly, so it is great for dishes that you cook for a long time. Cast iron pans are better for roasting meat because they can handle higher temperatures than non-stick pans. Since iron can rust, cast iron cookware requires preliminary preparation for use. FISSMAN is one of the first to offer cookware made of lightweight cast iron.