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Just like any technician requires quality and the right tools to deliver on any given job, so does a cook require convenient pots and pans- and in this case FISSMAN brand cookware. Quality and modern cookware are important kitchen accessories that are often neglected. Whether you’re a great cook or love to try out new recipes, the higher the quality your pots and pans are, the simpler your cooking experience will be. With FISSMAN, you can find a large variety of affordable and high-quality pan and pots with fine finishing to experiment with your cooking skills from anywhere around the world.


Apart from adding some style into your kitchen, a good set of cookware can serve you for years saving you money in the long run. You need not be a pro to use this wide variety of pots and pans. Whether you occasionally host friends or treat yourself some days, a FISSMAN high-quality cookware set is a great investment.

Every great set purchase should include a;

  • frying pan, skillet and a wok. Frying pans are ideal for shallow frying, soaring and browning food. In most homes, this is often used to make pancakes. The difference between a frying pan and a wok is that it has a flat bottom and has relatively low sides. A wok has sloping sides and used mainly for stewing, deep-frying or stir-frying.
  • Saucepan and sauciers. Just like the name suggests, these are used for making sauces and soups or braising foods.
  • Grill pans. Built with ridges across the bottom, this cookware tool can be used over stovetop burners and ovens to grill steaks. This comes with a removable handle to make your work even easier.
  • Pancake & crepe pans. Say no more to shapeless pancakes. These essential pan cokes with low sides for easy sliding of pancake batter without destroying its shape.
  • Steamers. Has noticeable perforated bocks to help steam foods faster without losing the nutrients.
  • Stew and stockpots. Can be distinguished with their different shapes and sizes and is often used to make stock soups, stews and boiling.
  • Coffee makers and Turkish coffee pots. Just as the name suggests, thus are used to brew freshly ground coffee beans without spilling.
  • Kettles. This metallic vessel is used to boil water. They are also essentially environmentally friendly and can boil more water than plastic kettles.
  • As the first company to offer cookware manufactured with lightweight cast iron, high-quality stainless steel, copper and non-stick aluminum, FISSMAN incorporates patented non-stick coatings that have been tested and proven. This also comes with cooperation with the leading manufacturer of cookware coatings in Swiss and German, ensuring every cookware sold here is safe for human use and causes no burning food. They are also durable, shiny and easy to clean.

    Find a large selection of quality and reliable cookware at FISSMAN at the best prices!

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