Grill pans

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Have you heard of grill pans? They’re pans that allow you to cook with the same ease as a griddle/frying pan, but with the added bonus of a grill on the top. This means you not only get an even cooking surface, but also the chance to build some beautiful grill marks into your food. Some grill pans have a removable handle and thermor sensor so you can cook your food at the perfect temperature. These pans do not burn and are heated evenly. The cooking experience is more fun and free of greasy than the traditional non-stick pan. The advantages are plenty.

Grill pans are a very important kitchen appliance. It doesn’t matter if you’re just cooking for yourself or having a party, it’s essential to have this trusty tool. A square griddle pan is one of the newest types on the market, and certainly a welcome addition. With square sides, it is much more compact than other types of frying pan. Cooking your food is much easier than with other pans because they are so easy to handle. You can fit it just about anywhere, including your kitchen cabinets when it’s not in regular use. A few of the cooking options you will want to consider include stovetop cooking and even broiling with top burners.

Whether you are creating healthy breakfasts for the kids, or indulgent dinners on a night in, FISSMAN grill pans will make a stylish addition to your kitchen. Each of the square bases comes with a multi-layer non-stick coating and extra-strong build, making them perfect for delicate dishes such as poached eggs. The innovative griddled bottom and angled draining lip collects excess fat for healthy cooking without using oils and fats. Depending on the cooking space available, each pan has removable handles that can be attached to either side ensuring maximum flexibility when choosing your cookware set.

Cast-iron takes so much longer to heat up, which means it can easily burn your food. The clean, straight lines and large size of FISSMAN GRILL PANS make it easier to cook in an uninterrupted fashion, without hot spots or crowding, while the internal and external layer with non-stick coating ensures food won't stick. The external surface is made of aluminium that distributes heat evenly all over the cooking surface. The bottom of the pan is a close-set fine metal grid that absorbs heat and spreads it across the entire bottom of the pan for even temperature distribution over a wider surface area.

Our philosophy is to make our products practical, of high quality and attractive. We have created a unique range of products, combining revolutionary technology and design for ease of use, with fun and simple maintenance. FISSMAN griddle pan collection includes multipurpose griddles, stove top grill pans and removable handle grill pans . Shop today with FISSMAN and discover that grilling can be just as easy as turning on your oven