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What your kitchen deserves is the best pancake and crepe pan that can provide you with more than just one use. The stainless-steel, food scratch resistant coating of any pancake and crepe pan provides you with a tough baking mat even for the most rough-housed chef. There are plenty of options available with Pancake and Crepe pans. There are pans with and without handles, coated non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning, sloped sides that are perfect for flipping, removable handles for your convenience, and a variety of sizes to choose from.

Pancake and crepe pans have many uses and benefits. The colorful coating, safe handles, durable nonstick surface, sturdy construction, and quick heat-up time make them a handy tool to have in the kitchen.

FISSMAN non-stick pancake and crepe pans feature a comfortable, detachable handle that can be stored on the side of the pan. It is ideal for making enough pancakes or crepes for a group of friends. The low sides make it easy to flip, and the rough stone chipping layer creates a crisp crust when cooking. The coating does not darken over time, so you can be sure you're frying your food using a non-stick surface.

These pans are made of high-grade non-stick steel, and over time will build a natural, easy-release finish. This lightweight, compact, indestructible nonstick pancake and crepe pan heats up quickly and evenly. All our pans are quality tested to be human safe, corrosion and abrasion resistant with the non-stick coating providing superior strength. These coated cast iron pancake and crepe pans are designed to fit all your favourite cookware collections. Ideal for most induction cooktop, they are an everyday essential for any kitchen set.

FISSMAN Crepe & Pancake Pan makes both light, thin crepes and thick, fluffy pancakes with ease. Simply fill the pan with your batter of choice and then, using the 1.5" high sides, spread the batter out to make a thin layer across the entire surface. The pan's rough stone chipping layer will cook food evenly for a crisp crust and leave your delicious pancakes or crepes with a gorgeously golden color.

The nonstick coating used is PFOA/PTFE free and safe for everyday use. When looking for a quality product, it is important to look at the details and with our FISSMAN tested pancake and crepe pans, you know that your food will come out delicious and stay fresh.

Purchase quality coated cast iron pancake and crepe pans from FISSMAN and lets us give you that perfect golden crust every time!

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