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When you buy FISSMAN knives, you get a reliable, dependable assistant for years of work in the kitchen. FISSMAN kitchen knives are made with special care and devotion.

Each FISSMAN knife is subject to strict quality control at every stage of production. We pay special attention to the blade quality of our knives. We purchase Stainless Steel only from trusted and reliable manufacturers from Germany, Japan and Korea. All FISSMAN knives meets the highest requirements of international quality standards and have excelent  hardness, sharpness and corrosion resistance levels. Handles for our knives are most often made from high-quality and resistant ABS plastic or natural wood. We polish the blade and handle by hand, so it can be said that every FISSMAN knife is a handmade item.

FISSMAN is confident that once you’ve chosen our kitchen knives or knife set, you’ll be a true admirer and loyal customer, and in turn we will do everything possible to live up to your expectations and trust.

In order to extend the lifetime of our knives, Fissman strongly recommends storing them only in their original blocks or on magnetic hooks, and using special tools and accessories (whetstones and sharpeners) to maintain ideal sharpness of the blades. Knives must be washed immediately after use to prevent rust. Knives must NEVER be washed in dishwashers, since the corrosive medium will destroy the sharp edge of the knife and decrease its lifetime. The knives may be used only with dry hands; otherwise, you could cut yourself on the blade. We do not recommend cutting with kitchen knives on a hard surface, such as a stone table top or glass plate, since this could prematurely dull the edge. The best solution is to use Fissman wooden or plastic chopping boards. Storage and care of kitchen knives Knives should be washed by hand to extend their lifetime. Knives are exposed to harsh detergents and large temperature drops in a dishwasher. Wash knives immediately after use to prevent the blades from discoloring. Food particles won’t dry up on the knife, and it will be easier to clean. Use wooden or polyethylene chopping boards for cutting. They will blunt the blade less than ceramic, plastic or metal boards. Use the original FISSMAN block for storing kitchen knives to extend their lifetime and keep them sharp.
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