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Cutting boards

FISSMAN cutting boards: quality in detail

A cutting board is a must-have accessory for any kitchen, it doesn’t matter whether it is a cozy home room or a large production room. It allows you to cut products without dirtying or spoiling the surface of the table. Rarely, one is limited to one copy. Ideally, different boards use different boards: for bread, for meat and fish, for fruits and vegetables. Despite the simplicity of this accessory, quite serious requirements are imposed on it. The cutting board must be strong, safe (after all, we are talking about products), not to spoil the knife sharpening, not to absorb odors and easy to wash.

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The FISSMAN catalog has cutting boards suitable for both home and professional use. For the manufacture of boards for cutting products, we use both natural and artificial materials. FISSMAN cutting boards can also be used as a means for serving dishes. All products are made in a modern, current design and look great.
  • Bamboo boards. The bamboo product looks very similar to a regular wooden cutting board. However, this is not a cut of wood, but stems of bamboo, pressed under strong pressure. The material is absolutely safe, it does not absorb the liquids emitted during cutting, vegetable and animal fats, and odors. In terms of strength and wear resistance, bamboo is not inferior to wood, but on the contrary, even surpasses some of its types. On such a board, notches from a knife practically do not occur.
  • Plastic cutting boards. Such boards are always useful in the household! They do not absorb odors from products, maintain a decent appearance for a long time and are excellently washed both by hand and in the dishwasher. Special attention should be paid to sets of boards. Stylish and original, they will become an interesting emphasis in the interior of the kitchen and perfectly complement the collection of pots and kitchen knives FISSMAN. This is a great option for a beautiful, useful and practical holiday gift.
Small and large, rectangular and round, bright or discreet, but always beautiful - chopping boards from FISSMAN will become reliable helpers in the kitchen. Create culinary masterpieces, delighting loved ones with their favorite or brand new dishes. And so that cooking is a pleasure, do not forget to buy kitchen accessories in the FISSMAN store