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Kitchen knives

FISSMAN Kitchen Knives: the manufacturer matters!

When choosing a knife for the kitchen, it is important to consider several nuances at once. This is the quality of the material, and the strength of the blade, and the convenience of the handle. Our advice is simple: trust the market leaders. They know exactly how to combine all the characteristics in one product.

49.3 AED

FISSMAN is one of those companies for which quality is a matter of honor. The brand's kitchen knives are the epitome of impeccable standards in aesthetics and comfort.
  • Upscale steel. For the manufacture of their knives FISSMAN uses German steel X50CrMoV15 and Japanese 402. These are the highest quality samples that provide strength, durability and safety of products. FISSMAN does not save on materials - this is the main difference between large market players. The quality of raw materials is the basis of business reputation and customer confidence.
  • Not just for home use. Knives for the brand's kitchen are the decoration and pride of cozy home cooking. But their use is not limited to cooking family dinners. FISSMAN cutting tools have been appreciated by professionals. Chefs in different countries of the world enjoy using brand knives, recommending them as a worthy tool for creating masterpieces of haute cuisine.
  • Lots of handmade. For FISSMAN management, it is important that the brand products are truly worthy and sound. That is why individual parts that no machine can perfectly perform are made manually. Professionals say that knives of the brand are not just high-quality - they are perfect. And this applies to everything: appearance, cutting properties and the practical life of their service.
  • Longer is better. FISSMAN kitchen knives are not made in a day. Complex technologies are used for their manufacture, not to mention manual work. Each knife is a work of art, the creation of which was worked by a whole galaxy of masters of their craft. It is not surprising that, for many years, the result of their work has been knives, the quality of which is recognized by professionals and proven by international expertises.
A knife is a constant worker in any kitchen that has no days off. So that the food cooks quickly, and the cooking process is enjoyable, choose the best. The best from FISSMAN.