Non-stick coating

Instruction manual for aluminum cookware with non-stick coating

  • Before the first use, wash the aluminum cookware with detergent, rinse and dry.
  • To remove stickers and labels from the cookware, simply soak them in warm water and carefully scrub them off with a soft sponge.
  • Do not use metal sponges or detergents containing abrasives, chlorine or ammonia.
  • The cookware can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand with detergent. Use the soft side of a sponge.
  • Thermal shock can cause damage to the coating – never put a cold saucepan on a hot stovetop or in an oven. Do not wash the saucepans while they are still hot; leave to cool dawn to room temperature.
  • It is better to use the cookware on low or medium heat. Do not leave empty cookware on a hot burner.
  • To better preserve the non-stick properties longer, always use FISSMAN’s nylon, silicone or wooden kitchen utensils on the surface of cookware.
  • If you need to store your cookware stacked, use FISSMAN’s pan protector mats between the units.
  • The diameter of the bottom of the dishes should be the same diameter as the burner. If the pan is used on a gas burner, the flame should not exceed the surface of the saucepan because the handles will heat up too much. However, we recommend using FISSMAN’s oven mitts to prevent burns.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes when using the aluminum cookware. Do not wash the dishes while they are still hot; leave to cool to room temperature.
  • Please follow instruction manuals and your cookware will serve you for a longer period of time.

•               This product meets all health and safety standards.