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Table setting

Serving Dishes: Hospitality as an Art

The decoration of the festive table is always left at the last moment. But this does not mean that you need to treat him with neglect. A neatly served table, where each piece of tableware is in its place, is primarily a manifestation of respect for guests and their home. Of course, when it comes to cozy family gatherings, it is not necessary to follow strict secular etiquette. However, in any case, you need to arrange everything so that it is pleasant to be at the table. And first of all, it is worth paying attention to aesthetics. Beautiful bowls, sparkling clean appliances, neat serving mats – these are the little things that create a sense of hospitality and coziness.

Table setting with FISSMAN: attention to detail

For many years, FISSMAN has been producing tableware. A distinctive feature of the brand's products is a combination of unsurpassed quality and modern design. Dishes and accessories for serving FISSMAN become a real decoration of the feast. Mistresses appreciate brand products for their practicality, durability and, of course, attractive appearance. A rich assortment allows you to assemble a complete serving collection in a single style. FISSMAN online store invites connoisseurs of aesthetics and all those who seek hospitality and hospitality. We have everything you need for table decoration:
  • salad bowls, plates, saucers;
  • table and dessert knives;
  • sets of forks and spoons;
  • special spoons for jam, sugar and ice cream;
  • milk jugs and gravy boats;
  • butterdishes and sugar bowls;
  • fruit baskets;
  • serving mats;
  • fondue and sushi sets;
  • food warmers;
  • chrome steel trays;
  • wicker baskets for bread;
  • pepper shakers and salt shakers;
  • stands for napkins and toothpicks;
  • tablecloth clips.
One of the strengths of FISSMAN products is their versatility. They look great both on the festive table and in everyday life. Moreover, the FISSMAN brand often becomes the choice of professionals: serving items of the brand can easily be found in a cafe or restaurant. This demand speaks for itself: FISSMAN is trusted, and there are reasons for this.

Three reasonable arguments in favor of FISSMAN

  1. Impeccable quality. Environmental friendliness, practicality and durability are the main priorities of the company. All products are made from reliable raw materials, and thorough control is carried out at each stage of production. FISSMAN products undergo voluntary certification, the results of which are confirmed by internationally recognized documents.
  2. The original design. A beautiful table in itself can cause appetite. Dishes for serving from FISSMAN invariably create a sense of celebration: they are bright, extraordinary and memorable.
  3. Nice prices. As a rule, serving items are more expensive than their everyday counterparts. But not in the case of FISSMAN. Each product presented by the brand pleases customers with affordable cost. Moreover, all the serving positions can be used not only to decorate the festive table: they are appropriate in a simple environment, and frequent use does not make them less attractive.

FISSMAN serving set: ideas for good and pleasant gifts

All sorts of holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are an occasion to set a rich table and gather the closest ones behind it. Friendly hostesses think about this, but guests, as a rule, have their own tasks. To present a gift that will please and at the same time prove to be useful is not an easy task. You can go shopping for hours racking your brain. Or you can turn to FISSMAN. We advise you to take a closer look at the stainless steel cutlery sets. The following configurations and design options are presented in the FISSMAN online store:
  • sets of 24 items for 6 people in a stylish package of deep blue;
  • sets of 72 items for 12 people in a solid metal case with velvet trim inside.
Stainless steel is famous for its practicality and durability. Even after years, the cutlery will not darken or scratch. This kit can be presented to friends, colleagues and even a strict leader as a sign of appreciation and respect. For fans of Japanese cuisine in the FISSMAN store there are also gifts. We are talking about sets for sushi, made in the traditional oriental style. Products are made of ceramics (bowls, saucers and coasters) and bamboo (sticks and rugs). Each kit is packaged in a stylish box. This is a great option for a birthday present, for Valentine's Day, or for the New Year 2019. However, sushi sets are often presented just to raise the mood and express the warmest feelings. Designers and technologists of the FISSMAN brand know how important the atmosphere itself is at the festive table. Each item for serving is the word embodiment of thoughts about hospitality and hospitality. By choosing the dishes and accessories of the brand to decorate your table, you can be sure: guests will be comfortable and calm. Get ready for the holidays with love, and let all the mysteries come true. Trust FISSMAN for serving concerns.