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How to maximize the life of the knives?

No kitchen in the world is complete without knives. Any housewife and professional cook without hesitation will say: the speed of cooking the ingredients and the mood of the person who cooks depend on the quality of the blade. This means that a good knife is not a whim, but a vital necessity. In order for the knives to serve for a long time and efficiently, they should be properly maintained.  We have prepared for you a few basic tips for the care of knives, following which you can extend their life: 1. Storage. Knives should not be stored with other cutlery: you can not allow the blade of the knife in contact with other appliances and knives, from this they can dull. They are recommended to be stored either in wooden stands for knives., or on special magnetic tapes. They can also be stored in trays with compartments for each knife, which are invested in the drawers of the kitchen unit. It is desirable that they were made of wood or of high quality plastic. 2. Cleansing. Under the influence of food acids contained in lemon, tomatoes, mustard and some other products, even on steel knives, corrosion may appear. Therefore, after each use, the knives should be immediately rinsed under running warm water and wiped with a dry cloth. It is not recommended to wash the knives in the dishwasher, as the blades may become dull from the use of detergent chemicals. On ceramic knives, due to temperature differences, microcracks can form, which will later turn into chipped. Therefore, we recommend washing any knives by hand. 3. Terms of use.  It is very important to use suitable cutting boards.from natural materials: wood, bamboo, silicone. The use of ceramic, plastic or glass boards causes the cutting edges of the knives to become blunt. 4. Sharpening knives.  At some point, any knife has to be sharpened and should be done not so much for reasons of convenience as for the sake of safety: a dull blade is more likely to slip off the product and injure your hand. To maintain the knife in working condition, you can use musat. However, if the knife is already blunt, you will have to use knife sharpeners: a grinding stone or a little knife . Use knives only for their intended purpose: do not cut the meat with a bread knife or frozen meat with a steak knife. Each knife has its own purpose, you can get acquainted with the detailed classification in our separate article. The knife is a constant worker in any kitchen that has no days off. So that the food is cooked quickly, and the cooking process is pleasant, choose the best. The best of FISSMAN.
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