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The warranty period depends on the product category:

For pots, pans, steamers, mantovarki, ducklings made of stainless steel – 12 months.
For Cutlery, sets, trays, stainless steel wine glasses-12 months.
On accessories and tools made of stainless steel. steel – 6 months.
For products with non-stick coating – 6 months.
For knife products (except ceramic) – 6 months.
For cast iron products-6 months.
For kettles and mills made of stainless steel-12 months..
For products with chrome coating – 3 months.
On thermos, knife sharpener, scales-12 months.
For wood and bamboo products-3 months.
The warranty for FISSMAN products is valid from the moment of purchase and covers manufacturing defects: chips, dents, cracks, etc.

The following products are not covered by the warranty:

glass, porcelain and ceramic products;
plastic and rubber products, containers and containers made of polymer materials;
ceramic knives;
components of products, including, but not limited to: temperature sensors, kettle whistles, pressure cooker valves, plastic mechanisms of products;
packaging of the product, consumables (glass flasks at teapots, etc.).
The warranty also does not apply to:

natural changes in the external properties of the product that occurred during operation (change in the color of the metal, lime stains, scale, and so on);
mechanical damage to the external or internal surface (scratches, scuffs, etc.).
ceramic knives;
damage caused by using the product for purposes other than personal use.
Please note that claims for products purchased in the online store fissman.ae, are not accepted in retail stores of the FISSMAN chain, as well as claims for goods purchased in retail stores are not considered in the online store.

The appearance of the goods and the completeness of the order must be checked by the recipient at the time of delivery of the goods or no later than 7 calendar days after receiving the order. At the end of the 7-day period, claims for external defects of the product, its quantity, completeness and appearance are not accepted.
The term for exchanging a defective product for a similar one is 20 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product by the seller.


We appreciate the trust placed in us and respect the right to choose our customers.
If you want to return an item purchased in our store, you can do so within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. To do this, you need to download a refund Application, fill it out, and send a photo of it to admin@fissman.ae
The request will take no more than 1 business day to process.
Don’t forget to bring the original completed refund application and the invoice from the order!

The returned product must meet the following requirements:

– the product’s appearance is preserved (the packaging is not damaged, the product was not used, etc.).
– the refund is carried out in full. Gifts and Souvenirs, if they were attached to the order, are subject to refund;
– the product must be accompanied by a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase (order form or cash receipt).
If the product is subject to return, we will refund its cost to you no later than 10 banking days to the account specified in the application. All expenses related to the refund of funds to the buyer are borne by the seller.
More about refunds

Placing an order in an online store fissman.ae (site address https://fissman.ae you confirm that you have read and voluntarily agree to the terms of exchange and return of the product.