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Six months ago, we bought home a teapot of 600 ml. made of glass (art. 9447). As written on the borosilicate glass packaging. Reliable heat-resistant glass. The most important thing is to use any cookware, whether it is heat-resistant or non-stick coating of dishes, in proper operation. Do not expose the sharp contrast of cold and hot, do not wash with an abrasive, and the dishes will last you a long time. For brewing leaf tea, as well as we often brew chamomile, there is a very interesting filter. It looks like a spiral, which is located in the nose. It is very easy to take out and also easily inserted. Does not oxidize, although metal, but high-quality stainless steel. Easy to clean the kettle. And it looks very nice in my kitchen.


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A saucepan is a dish that is difficult to do without in the kitchen, cooking with it will be much easier and more pleasant. The main advantage of the saucepan is its high sides, because thanks to them, the dish can be prepared in a large amount of liquid: in water, its own juice or sauce. FISSMAN saucepans are perfect for stewing vegetables or meat and cooking pilaf or Solyanka. Multi-layer non-stick coating will significantly reduce the amount of oil added during cooking. Thick aluminum bottom evenly distribute the temperature on the lower surface of the dish. Bakelite handles of the saucepan do not heat up and will not slip in your hands. Thanks to a special hole in the lid, condensation will not form under the glass.

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21 July, 2020 / Promotions

You don’t have to save: take it now – pay later!

Now, for your convenience, in our online store you can arrange installments for any product presented on the site FISSMAN.AE...
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21 July, 2020 / Promotions

Home shopping has become even more profitable!

What can I do for a long holiday? Of course, successful purchases! We are announcing a MEGA sale! Especially for...
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