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Cast aluminium cookware series

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The induction bottom is suitable for all types of stoves, has a high thermal conductivity
Free of cadmium and lead
Does not contain perfluorooctanoic acid
Safe for health and the environment
Rough surface is ideal for crispy cooking
Wide skirt - the highest stability of the product
Thick walls - uniform heat distribution, high solidity
Bakelite handle with soft-touch coating - easy to use, comfortable to touch, non-slip and with no heat build-up.
Deep shape is ideal for simmering
Fluted base, minimal oil needed - maximum succulence!
Drain spout - easy to pour off excess liquid or oil
Safe for ≥ 22000 cycles
IlagGranistone coating characteristics:

IlagGranistone coating characteristics:

5 layers (1 layer to improve the adhesion of the coating to the metal, 2 layer - primer, 3 layer - stronger coating based on mineral components, 4 layer - high-strength non-stick coating, 5 additional non-stick coating with ceramic particles)
Thickness: 35-45 μm

Hardness: ≥2H

Wear resistance: ≥ 20000 cycles

Maximum heating temperature: 260° C

FISSMAN products are making inroads into the international market. Chefs appreciate the brand for its quality and aesthetics. FISSMAN cookware is presented to loved ones, recommended to acquaintances and colleagues.

The main advantage of FISSMAN DAKJJIM series is the professional non-stick coating IlagGranistone (Switzerland).

DAKJJIM is the collection of frying pans pans which are convincing at the first use and rejoice in their durability. Their creation was preceded by long in-depth work of technologists and designers. The concept is based on practicality, functionality and eco-friendliness. The products are reliable and absolutely safe.

The non-stick properties are ensured by the professional IlagGranistone surface. It is a mineral-based multi-layer coating. Perfect for cooking the most exquisite dishes - even a professional kitchen can easily withstand this coating. The innovative IlagGranistone multi-layer system (www.ilag.ch) is characterised by its good abrasion resistance and excellent non-stick properties.

- IlagGranistone is a patented Swiss coating used in the production of professional cookware. It is recognised by chefs all over the world.

- Thanks to its unique application technology, the coating has the look and feel equivalent to that of natural stone.

- The rough surface is ideal for cooking with an aromatic crispy crust.
- The coating is scratch and abrasion resistant.

- The thick walls and wide rim of DAKJJIM pans promote even heat distribution and ensure that the products are extremely durable.

- The deeper shape allows cooking for the whole family, saving time, effort and energy. The high sides are not only suitable for frying, but also for stewing.

- The fluted base allows cooking with a minimum amount of oil. There is almost no contact between the food and the hot bottom, and the dishes are very succulent.

- The original curved bakelite handle with soft-touch wood-like coating is comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, non-slip and non-heated.

- Drain nozzles enable you to drain off excess liquid and oil.

FISSMAN is environmentally conscious and as with all our cookware we use only environmentally friendly materials - no perfluorooctanoic acid, lead or other toxic or carcinogenic substances in the non-stick coating. FISSMAN non-stick cookware is health and environmentally friendly and is labelled on all its packaging.