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Arabica French Press Collection

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Lovers of aromatic and invigorating drinks know that tea or coffee prepared in a French press has a deep flavour and unique aroma. You will enjoy the brewing process even more with a FISSMAN French press, which has undeniable advantages:

- Reliable and long-lasting - the stainless steel piston and filter are corrosion resistant
- The flask is made of high-quality borosilicate glass - offers excellent heat resistance.
- Glass does not absorb odours, so you can enjoy your favourite drink in harmony with your senses
- Versatile - you can brew coffee, tea, aromatic herbs and berries
- Time-saving - it doesn't take long to brew your favourite drink
- Stylish design of the model worked out to the smallest detail, so not only the result, but also the process of preparation will bring pleasure
- The soft-touch handle is pleasant to the touch and easy to use.


Since its foundation in 2008, FISSMAN has become the largest manufacturer of cookware and accessories for the kitchen.

The head office of the company is located in Hong Kong and has representative offices around the world.

Warehouse terminals in Asia Europe and Middle East allow to optimize logistics costs and rationalize the production process.

FISSMAN produces more than 3000 different kitchen products and accessories for home, restaurants, cafes and bars.

The company is consistently true to the vision of introducing all the best that is innovated in the production of kitchen utensils. Maximizing the functionality of each item.

All products are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe materials.

FISSMAN’s designers create a unique recognizable style.

Our company produce products that do not just fulfil their functions, but are interior decorations and a way of self-expression.

Our knowledge, skills and persistence lie at the heart of the principles of the company’s sustainable development.

Responding to our customer requirements every year we launch about 1000s new products on the market.

Expansion of our range are based on market research and consumer demand.

We anticipate the desires and needs of our customers.


FISSMAN tea and coffee products: about enjoying the moment.

Cookware that is used for heating and boiling must first and foremost be safe.

FISSMAN uses the highest grade stainless steel for its products. It is a material that does not react with water and food, preserving its natural composition and taste.

Those, who choose FISSMAN products, enjoy the taste and aroma of a hot beverage without extraneous tastes and smells.

FISSMAN products last for years without losing their quality and appearance. But the main advantage is and remains the safety for all family members. It is precisely this that the brand's developers put at the forefront when creating their products.

Whether it is a large kettle for a cooker, a compact pressure cooker or a convenient geyser coffee machine - each FISSMAN product is the symbol of reliability and usability.

The official FISSMAN online shop - the place where you can find not only the desired items, but actually fill your kitchen from scratch. The assortment is presented by the best collections of the brand. Whether you are a true coffee or tea aficionado, here you will find everything you need for the perfect ceremony:

-Tea kettles and Teapots, French Presses Coffe Makers;

-Coffee Grinders, Espresso Coffee Makers, Coffee Pots;


-Thermoses and Flasks;

-Glasses, tea cups and ceramic mugs;

-Plastic lids for glasses and strainers for teapots.

If you are a tea or coffee lover and are keen to choose the best for you, look no further than FISSMAN. It's a brand that has a lot to offer. The wide range is one side of the coin. Behind the glossy exterior is unique technology, high quality raw materials and a great passion for customers.

Enjoy life in the moment. If coffee or tea, choose the best.