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6-Piece Cookware Set With Glass Lid Set Latte Series Saucepan 16x8cm/1.5Ltr, Casserole 20x9cm/ 2.8Ltr, Casserole 24x11cm Beige 4.9L

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- Material Aluminum

- Series Latte

- Dishwasher Safe No

- Oven Safe No

- Microwave Safe No

- Wall Height

- Diameter

- Bottom Type Induction Bottom

Cooking can be not just an everyday duty, but also quite a creative process.

 For this, a good mood and the right dishes are enough.

 An unconditional attribute in every kitchen is good-quality dishes, on which products do not burn, do not stick to the bottom, and reveal their taste.

 Appearance is also of considerable importance: you want to cook beautiful dishes, and it makes you want to create and experiment.

When choosing dishes, it is important to remember about safety in terms of health.

 Eco-friendly materials are not a tribute to fickle fashion, but a guarantee that food will be not only tasty but also healthy.

The FISSMAN LATTE series is a union of quality, aesthetics, and safety.

 LATTE products are a real gift to those who choose the best for themselves and their families.

The main feature of the series and the pride of the FISSMAN brand is its own heavy-duty multi-layer non-stick coating TouchStone.

• TouchStone - the coating of choice for professional chefs.

• Coating surface is smooth, with black and white patches.

 The cozy coffee-colored dishes look spectacular and can become an adornment of any kitchen.

• TouchStone coating resists corrosion and abrasion.

 Dots of different colors are responsible for resistance to different types of impact, which means that the manufacturer uses layers that protect against different types of damage.

• The glass lid allows you to observe the readiness of food without opening the dishes, thereby eliminating splashes on the skin and clothes.

• Optimally matched dimensions of the ladle and pots in the LATTE set allow you to cook several dishes at the same time on one stove.

• Suitable for all types of hob, including induction.

• Bakelite handles with soft-touch coating are comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, do not slip, and do not heat up.

• The LATTE series is represented by products of various functionality: a set of dishes, ladles, classic and deep frying pans, as well as pots.

The LATTE series is the choice of those who appreciate quality and strive to eat right and with taste.

 With them, the most daring culinary fantasies will become a reality.

 Create, try new things, and indulge yourself and your loved ones.

 FISSMAN wishes you success in the culinary field!