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Deep Frying Pan 24cm with Double Screw Handle MIRA with Induction Bottom

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by Fissman
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- Material Aluminium

- Series MIRA

- Dishwasher Safe NO

- Oven Safe NO

- Microwave Safe NO

- Wall Height

- Diameter 24

- Bottom Type Induction

With the market flooded with cookware from different manufacturers, it’s wise to seek advice before making a hast buying decision.

Be well informed of the materials, the sizes and prices of the frying pan you want to buy and whether this can satisfy your needs.

Here is a simplified guide to help you get the ideal frying pan model you have been eying.

Look at the pan capacity.

You can do this by considering the amount of food or liquids it can hold.

Consider the height.

Not all pans have the same height.

Make your buying decision considering what you’ll be using the pan for most of the time.

If you are preparing dishes for a larger number, choose a bigger size and vice versa.

The frying service area of the frying pan and the base diameter.

Again, this comes down to your intended use and what pan size you want to buy.

At FISSMAN, we have a range of quality MIRA series deep frying pan made of aluminium Ilag professional with non-stick coating which is both environmentally and human health safe.

With appropriate certification, this pan is produced without the use of PFOA.

This brand-new non-stick coating proves to be of high quality, thoroughly tested.

The pan is also revolutionary, has a quick-heating induction base eliminating food sticking.

The thick sides of this MIRA frying pan allow for even heating and perfection of cooking results, as well as practical serving without filling half of the plate with food.

Larger quantities can be easily cooked in the MIRA pan without having your food overflow or burn MIRA 24×6.

8 cm frying pan comes with a double screw handle.

It also comes equipped with riveted handles made of Bakelite which are heat-resistant and resistant to slipping thanks to the innovative technology of FISSMAN.

When selecting the material for FISSMAN products, it is essential to take into consideration what kind of food is going to be prepared for them.

  The Ilag Professional series of fry pan is ideal for frying or sautéing.

The revolutionary Thermo-resistance Bakelite handle allows for perfect control over the frying pan without having to touch it directly.

This, combined with its rubberized handle provides safety for every user If you are searching for excellent quality and reasonable prices too, you are in the right place.

Ilag Professional + MIRA 24" doughnut pan is here for you.

The pan is made of high-quality material which ensures the toughness and durability of the product.

MIRA frying pan is suitable for all types of stovetops and is resistant to high temperatures.

This pan has a professional coating that ensures durability, promotes glide, and protects from wear & tear.

  Are you tired of scraped, burned and difficult to clean pans? Would you like a dish that evenly heats food from the sides as well as the bottom? Look no further.

The MIRA deep frying pan has a unique non-stick coating making it easier to clean than most pans on the market.


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