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Deep Frying Pan VEGA 24x6.8cm with Double Screw Handle with Induction Bottom

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by Fissman
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- Material Aluminium

- Series VEGA

- Dishwasher Safe NO

- Oven Safe NO

- Microwave Safe NO

- Wall Height 6.8

- Diameter 24

- Bottom Type Induction

When choosing a product for your brand-new kitchen, it is important to know what you will be using it for.

Frying pans that are coated with an innovative non-stick surface makes preparing dishes simple and easy.

Youll soon see why theyre the most popular choice on the market.

Simplified Guide to choosing the best deep-frying pan
Deep frying pans are essential in any home or commercial eateries.

Combining moderately high, slightly thick sides, these pans serve all-purposes from pan-frying, searing or sautéing.

  They are also available in different varieties and here is a guide to choosing that which will best fit your needs.

Consider the material used and coating type Look at the thickness of the pan.

The thicker it is, the better.

Consider handles types.

The material used should not conduct heat, should be easy to grip and slide off for easy cleaning.

Consider if you want to go for non-stick or natural finish makes.

And we would recommend non-stick if you want to enjoy your investment for the long-term.

Our deep-frying pan Vega is manufactured with the latest technologies available, for the professional chef and amateur cooks who want a pan with high heat retention, non-stick properties, and a deep shape.

The non-stick system is built of cast aluminium with the world-famous PEET and polymer C3 coating.

With its elegant Bakelite handles, this product combines all the benefits for your most delicate foods preparation.

The ceramic surface ensures excellent heat regulation which lets you cook food to the perfect temperature every time.

The Vega frying pan is scratch-resistant with a non-stick glaze and a porcelain interior for comfortable cooking.

The pan is designed for frying, grilling, and griddling.

The Vega frying pan by Greblon creates an entirely new frying experience.

This pan also features a unique two-screw system that enables a noticeably firmer grip of the handle you hold while cooking.

While you enjoy stable, effortless cooking, the double-sealed edge makes Vega 100% leak proof.

You can also be sure that this frying pan is incredibly and effortlessly easy to clean.

The main properties are hardness, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high stability and dimensional stability.

This pan is characterized by a shape deep enough for frying a whole fish, delicate and tasty meals.

It is possible to fry a thick cut of meat with it.

The pans walls are not reactive and it is harmless because it does not contain cadmium.

Constructed with PEEK technology makes this one of the most resistant frying pans on planet earth.

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