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Deep Saucepan 16x8cm Mosses Stone Series Non Stick Aluminum and Induction Bottom

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SKU 14939
Original price AED 77.00 - Original price AED 77.00
Original price
AED 77.00
AED 77.00 - AED 77.00
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- Material

- Series Mosses Stone

- Dishwasher Safe NO

- Oven Safe NO

- Microwave Safe NO

- Wall Height

- Diameter 16

- Bottom Type

The MOSSES STONE series from FISSMAN is the union of quality, aesthetics and safety. MOSSES STONE products are a real gift for those who choose the best for themselves and their families.

Cooking can be more than just a daily chore, but it can also be a completely creative process. For this, a good mood and the right dishes are enough.

An unconditional attribute in every kitchen is good-quality dishes, on which the products do not burn, do not stick to the bottom and reveal their taste.

Appearance is also of great importance: you want to cook in a beautiful dish, it makes you want to create and experiment.
When choosing dishes, it is important to remember about safety from a health point of view. Eco-friendly materials are not a tribute to changeable fashion, but a guarantee that food will not only be tasty, but also healthy.

The main feature of the series and the pride of the FISSMAN brand is the ultra-durable multi-layer non-stick coating TouchStone of its own design