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Frying Pan 26x5.2cm CAPELLA with Non-Stick Coating And Induction Bottom

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by Fissman
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- Material Aluminium

- Series CAPELLA

- Dishwasher Safe NO

- Oven Safe NO

- Microwave Safe NO

- Wall Height 5.2

- Diameter 26

- Bottom Type Induction

Good quality pan for cooking chicken, pork chops and other dishes should not stick to the bottom, get hot quickly and its non-stick coating should be good.

It should also be thin enough to allow you to fry, boil or make pancakes without using much oil.

But how do you choose the right pan size for your intended use? Here is a simple pan size guide
Take your pan and use a tape to measure the overall diameter.

This should be wall to wall top and not the inner diameter or from the bottom side.

The pan sizes start from 8 inches upwards depending on your intended use.

At FISSMAN, we’ve opened the door for our customers to get the CAPELLA series frypan.

This skillet is crafted from eco-friendly materials and features a multi-layer non-stick Tipro coating with titanium.

Developed for use on all stoves, this large open frying pan is most ideal for professionals and connoisseurs.

The deep-frying pan CAPELLA also features a light and comfortable brown Bakelite handle with a wooden effect.

Interior non-stick Tipro coating makes it very quick to heat the pan and also very simply remove odour and ash from food and rapid warming of the pot after cooking - this feature helps not to lose vitamins and minerals essential for our body and great for preparing low calorie diets.

It is also lightweight and very strong.

  Excellent for frying because of the high walls, this FISSMAN cookware saves you from the danger of splattering hot oil when frying food.

The well-articulated finish surface is easy to clean and maintain.

All our cookware of the CAPELLA series sold by FISSMAN is constructed to deliver the benefits of eco-friendly materials and craftsmanship.

Made of high-quality aluminium with an anti-scratch coating, these pots, pans and casseroles are beautiful, functional and long-lasting.

Their special shape helps provide delicious results – whether youre making healthy deep-fried food or a delicate slow-cooked stew – you are guaranteed a delicious and crispy meal.

This unique non-stick cookware brings a touch of fun into your kitchen.

The Tipro non-stick coating does not peel off like other coatings and is guaranteed for life.

It guarantees you the best quality deep frying pan with CAPELLA products.

This exquisite pan is a perfect gift for any occasion.

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