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A roasting pan is a large pan with tall sides used for roasting large joints of meat, poultry or seafood in the oven or wood-burning oven. Roasting pans are designed to collect the fat and juices that drip from the foods as they are cooked, keeping them from burning or sinking into the bottom of the oven. A rack inside the roasting pan allows air to circulate all around the food for even cooking.

They are used to cook food similarly to a frying pan but with more meat than a deep fryer. A roasting pan is either round or rectangular shaped. A rectangular roaster is effective for cooking roasts and whole chicken as it accommodates large amounts of food. Roasters have 2 or 3 legs and a handle ranging from long to short which makes them easier to remove from the burner and store in the cupboard.

FISSMAN roasters are made of either ceramic, cast iron, steel and glass blazier. Many come with a lid or on some occasions, a grill tray can be purchased to accompany them. They come in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. All you need to do is place the item of your choice in our roaster, wrap it up and seal it completely with aluminum foil and wait for it to cook completely.

FISSMAN roasters protect food from odors and flavors of other foods. Roasting with a roaster generates a tender texture and rapid cooking time. Whether you’re preparing for a large party or just having it for the family, there’s sure to be something that will work for you. These convenient roasting pans are also easy to clean and make them convenient for cooking and serving. The roasters can be used both in the oven and in the wood-burning oven and are great for both outdoor and indoor roasting.

To save you time, FISSMAN provides you with clean trays that are essential for you to cover up the food of choice and boost aroma while it cooks. Our products don’t require any pre-heating; you can easily light the item of your choice by using a match or lighter. The types we stock include;

  • Nonstick Roasting Pans - These are a great kitchenware choice if you love fast cooking and cleanup. The nonstick coating used makes them convenient for meat, vegetables, and fish dishes as it does not cause any sticking or burning of food.
  • Large Roasting Pans with a grill rack - Also referred to as turkey roasting pans, these roasters have a large size to accommodate more food. The rack also allows fat to drip to the bottom leaving your food crispy and cholesterol-free.
  • Chicken Roasters - These are oven-safe roasting pans usually smaller than other larger roasters but can hold whole poultry. They are also very convenient for regular use.
  • Cast Iron Roasters - These are made of handy, heavy-duty enamel cast iron that's long-lasting and can be used both on the stovetop and oven.

FISSMAN has created innovative roasters to suit every home. These roasters are easy to clean, convenient and require minimal maintenance. You can order a range of roasters with different features, like lids or BBQ trays to have complete control over your meals. Now you can unwind after a long day with some tasty homemade meals and enjoy complete relaxation by buying a quality FISSMAN roaster.

Order today and have a perfect solution for all of your cooking needs!