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- Induction bottom suitable for all types of stoves, has a high thermal conductivity
- Free of cadmium and lead
- PFOS-free
- Safe for health and the environment
- Approved by professionals
- Rough surface ideal for crispy dishes
- Wide bead - the highest strength of the product
-Bakelite handle with soft-touch coating is comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, non-slip, does not heat up
- Deep shape perfect for stewing
- Wear resistance ≥ 22000 cycles

Technical characteristics of the Greblon C3 coating:

- 3 layers (1 layer to improve the adhesion of the coating to metal, 2 layer - high-strength durable non-stick coating based on mineral components, - 3 - additional rough layer reinforced with ceramic particles)
- Thickness: 45-63 microns
- Hardness: ≥2H
- Wear resistance: ≥22000 cycles
- Maximum heating temperature: 260℃
- Reinforced non-stick coating formula, 3 times better performance
- Safe for health, does not harm the environment

The innovative Greblon C3 multi-layer non-stick coating has exceptional properties:

it is resistant to abrasion and rust due to the ceramic particles that make up its composition.

• The Greblon C3 coating is highly acclaimed by professional chefs around the world.

• The surface is resistant to wear and damage.

• The composition of the coating is exclusively environmentally friendly raw materials: it does not contain compounds that pose a threat to health and the environment.

• Rough surface pans are ideal for cooking crispy foods.

• Deep shape - allows you to cook for the whole family, saving time and energy. High sides are great not only for frying, but also for stewing dishes.
• Wide side - the highest strength of the product!

• Bakelite handle with soft-touch coating is comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, does not slip, does not heat up.

• Technology "Full Induction" - the entire surface of the induction disc has magnetic conductive properties, the frying pan is better recognized by the sensors of induction cookers.

FISSMAN cookware will satisfy the needs of the most demanding chef, because we closely monitor the quality of our products and have long won the trust of not only cooking enthusiasts, but also professionals.

ALLENDE pans from FISSMAN are the choice of those who do not compromise when it comes to quality. Each product is like a work of art, combining reliability, versatility and durability.

By purchasing such dishes, you are making an investment in the most precious thing we have - health. Improve your life by choosing the best of what FISSMAN has to offer.

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