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Forged aluminium cookware series

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Induction base suitable for all cooker types, has high thermal conductivity
Cadmium and lead free
Does not contain perfluorooctanoic acid
Free of aminophenols and alkylphenols
Safe for health and the environment
Approved by professionals
The roughened surface is ideal for cooking with a crispy crust
Bakelite handle with soft-touch coating is comfortable to use, comfortable to touch, non-slip and does not heat up
Shatterproof glass lid with steam release
Wear-resistant ≥ 5000 cycles
PlatinumForte coating characteristics:

PlatinumForte coating characteristics:

4 layers (1 anodised layer, 2 primer layer, 3 high-strength non-stick coating based on mineral components with the addition of food grade silicone, 4 additional rough non-stick coating with ceramic particles)

Thickness of coating: 25-35 microns

Hardness: HB (Brinell method)

Wear resistance: ≥5000 cycles

Maximum heating temperature: 260 °C

Non-stick cookware is a relatively recent addition to our lives, but it gained recognition almost immediately. The idea of frying with little oil, making food diet-friendly, appealed to fans of healthy eating. Today, coated pans are a familiar appliance for everyday use. Beside ease of cooking, functionality and versatility, safety is an important factor.

FISSMAN SMOKY STONE is an innovative cookware made of natural, eco-friendly materials. Aluminium heats quickly and distributes the heat evenly. For safety is responsible ultra-durable multi-layer coating PlatinumForte. FISSMAN was the first company to use it for its products - and it stands for natural, non-hazardous raw materials.

- PlatinumForte is an improved version of Platinum, which is recognised by the leading experts and chefs. It is twice as strong, twice as resistant and twice as strong.

- PlatinumForte is both corrosion- and abrasion-resistant. Dots of different colours are responsible for resistance to different types of impact, which means that the manufacturer uses layers that protect against different types of damage.

- The pans have a noble brown colour with black and white flecks and look expensive and aesthetically pleasing.

- SMOKY STONE products are healthy and environmentally friendly thanks to the use of natural materials.

- The rough surface is perfect for cooking crispy and fragrant food.

- Thanks to their detachable handle SMOKY STONE pans can also be used for baking in the oven. The products can be conveniently stored flat.

- The Bakelite handles with soft-touch coating are comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, non-slip and non-heated.

- Suitable for all types of cooker, including induction cookers.

SMOKY STONE is one of the best of the FISSMAN frying pans. A quality proven by years of experience. The forged aluminium oxide base, the high-quality PlatinumForte non-stick coating and the classic design make SMOKY STONE a reliable ally for everyday, healthy and tasty cooking. Choose the best for your family: trust the experience of FISSMAN.