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Is Cooking on Cast Iron Frying Pans Healthy?

Is Cooking on Cast Iron Frying Pans Healthy?

There's something about cast iron that makes you want to cook. Maybe it's the way your food cooks evenly or how you can use it to create delicious recipes. Whatever your reason for getting a cast iron frying pan, it's worth it—and here's why:

Cast iron is one of the oldest materials used in cooking. It was first used in China years ago and spread throughout Asia and Europe. 

Today, cast iron frying pans are still popular because they offer certain benefits over other types of cookware like;

1) They're durable: Cast iron pans last for generations if properly cared for.

2) They're affordable: While some other types of cookware can be expensive, cast iron frying pans are generally pretty affordable—and they're often on sale at big online stores like Fissman

3) They're versatile: There are many ways to use a cast iron frying pan! You can use them on the stovetop or in the oven; they work great as serving dishes too.

Still not sure about investing in these pans?

Here’s a FAQ guide to answer some of the most common questions about cast iron frying pans.

Cast Iron Frying Pans: FAQs

Why are cast iron frying pans considered such good investments?

Cast iron frying pans are great investments because they last forever. They can be passed down through generations and still look as good as new after hundreds of uses!

What to look for when buying a cast iron frying pan?

When buying a cast iron frying pan, it's important to make sure that it's made from quality materials and has been properly seasoned before using it for the first time (or seasoning again after washing).

It should also have some sort of handle on top so that both hands can easily grab it.

Is cast iron safe to cook in?

Yes! Cast iron is naturally non-stick, which is why they are particularly good at cooking eggs and pancakes. 

The surface of your pan will develop a natural patina over time that helps prevent food from sticking. That said, you should always use caution when cooking with cast iron—it's heavy, so don't let it hang by its handle over a stovetop burner!

How do I clean my cast iron frying pan?

To clean a cast iron frying pan, you should first rinse it off with warm water. Then, wipe the pan with a paper towel, and place the towel on top of the sink. Pour water into the pan and soak it for about 10 minutes. Next, remove the paper towel from your sink and place it on your stovetop. Turn on medium heat for about five minutes before removing the pan from the stovetop and rinsing it under cold water. Dry your pan, and then re-season it as needed by rubbing oil into every part of its surface.

At Fissman, we believe cooking is more than just a way to feed yourself--it's an opportunity to create something truly special.  That's why we're committed to manufacturing products that will help you make the most of your time in the kitchen, whether you're cooking for yourself or other people.

We offer some of the highest-quality cast iron frying pans. Made with sturdy construction and expertly designed shapes, our pans can accommodate just about any food. Whether you're cooking bacon or eggs or sautéing vegetables, these pans will give you a consistent heat distribution every time, and it's so easy to clean up!

You'll never regret buying these pans. We guarantee you'll be so happy with your purchase.

If you've been looking for a pan that can do it all, look no further than a Fissman’s cast iron frying pan. Order one today.

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